This was an unlikely find in the Outer Sunset area  of San Francisco. Located at 2045 Irving Street, Swich is nestled among a number of Asian restaurants, markets and supermarkets. Classified as an ice-cream sandwichery, Swich offers five flavours of cookies, four flavours of ice cream and dippable toppings but more importantly for us, great coffee.

This was our ‘go to’ place each morning during our recent stay in SF for our Aussie style flat white. Well done, Swich!



Locomotive Espresso


On a recent visit with family in London, Ontario we were on our way to Bayfield for a day trip and were introduced to this local gem at 408 Pall Mall Street. Located in a charming old building, Locomotive Espresso was voted to the top 10 coffee shops in Southern Ontario. The owner, a local lawyer, had discovered our Aussie suburban coffee establishments and their great coffee on business trips Down Under. London has certainly benefited from these experiences and his vision.

Great coffee and the friendly and knowledgeable staff could whip up a flat white that any Aussie barista would be proud of.


OSLO Coffee Roasters

We were spending a few days in New York and stayed at a place on the Upper East Side. The USA aren’t especially renowned for good coffee, however this place was a real find. Tucked away in a quiet side street (at 422 E 75th St to be precise), this place quickly became our regular morning stop before we started our discovery tours of the city. It was a lucky coincidence that our friendly barista was a young lady from Brisbane who exactly understood what we were after when we ordered a flat white. Beautiful coffee and a real recommendation!